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27+ Beautiful Animal Pictures and Wallpapers

The use of wallpapers to show creativity and diversity has increased in the recent times. For this reason, a lot of people are now looking for great and innovative ways to spruce up their profiles in order to for them to stand out. We are living in an era where social media platform and instant messaging platforms such as whatsapp have become the fastest and modern tools of communicating. These platforms all require you to set up a profile in order for you to start communication. One of the most important parts of a profile is a profile picture which some people tend to ignore yet it has a massive impact on how your profile will appear to the rest of the users.

There are different ways you can use to spruce up your profile. Animal pictures and wallpapers are loved by many people because they make your profile look unique and distinctive. Furthermore, there are different types of animal wallpapers so you don’t have to worry about creativity. if you are looking for nice and captivating animal pictures and wallpapers, the internet is a great place to begin your search. A lot of these pictures are downloadable so all you need to do is to pick your favorite photo, download it and upload it as your profile picture. Show your friends how much you appreciate animals by including a nice and lovely picture that will show how much you love animals. Being beautiful creatures of nature, animals are good candidates for our wallpapers.

In this article, we compiled a list of cool and nice animal pictures that can be used as wallpapers. Animal pictures are many and the list is endless. However, our list is a good starting point for your research. Remember, this images are easy and free to download.

Creative Insect

Creative insect

This image is beautiful and a perfect choice for anyone who’s considering to have a nice and cool animal wallpaper.



If you love dolphins, this is a great background to choose as your wallpaper. Feel free to download the image and change your profile’s outlook.



Do you love birds? Well, this image of a sparrow will transform your profile and give it a unique look.

Cheetah Fur

cheetah fu

Your profile’s creativity will be taken to the next level if you choose to pick this fabulous cheetah fur image as your profile picture.

Red Panda


A beautiful picture such as this one is what you need to make your profile attractive and hard ignore.



Your profile was be instantly upgraded the moment you choose to have this image of a tiger as your choice of wallpaper.



The clarity of this photo and the beautiful contrast of nature make this image a perfect choice for animal wallpaper. Feel free to download and use it on your profile.

Sea Holas


Do you love birds? This awesome image is what you need to add life to your profile by choosing a nice wallpaper that everyone will love.

Dog and Cat


Take your profile’s uniqueness to a whole new level by choosing this interesting and captivating image. Download it and set it as your profile wallpaper.

Wild Ducks


For a profile picture to impress your friends, you must find a way of sprucing it up. This image of wild ducks isn’t a bad choice at all.

Deer Animal Fantasy


The simulation used in this image is creative and impressive. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to download and use it as your wallpaper. The results will be amazing.



This picture is both creative and funny, the perfect combination to make everyone stop by to see your profile picture.

Frog Photographer


This is a really funny frog picture that will make everyone laugh their hearts out. It’s a nice choice if you want to show your humorous nature.

Cute Pet


The theme of this photo embraces both humor and creativity. Don’t let your background have an ugly and boring wallpaper when you can choose this awesome picture.



If you’re looking for nice and impressive animal photos, this picture of a cute dog will not disappoint you. Try it and see how it transforms your background.



The combination of black and white texture with giraffes makes this picture stand out. Can you imagine having it as your wallpaper? Everyone will love it.

Bush Elephant


Elephants are picturesque animals and this awesome picture will transform your background within a matter of seconds. Everyone will notice your amazing background.



Chicks are lovely, tender and beautiful and we all love them. This is a perfect choice for a wallpaper because it’s unique and not many people will have it.

Dog Racecourse


Anyone looking for a nice animal picture for a wallpaper will stop to see this stunning image that is simple yet creative and elegant.

Africa Lions


The background setting of savanna and the lions in the foreground make this image captivating and a must-have for anyone looking for an animal wallpaper.


This is a great choice for wallpaper especially if you love animals and green is your ideal choice of color.


If you want to have a profile with an eye-catching picture that is difficult to ignore, this seagull image is a wonderful pick to transform your profile.


Birds are a great choice for animal wallpapers because of the way they transform a background and give it a new look.



This sky blue profile is a good match for wallpaper because of the unique and interesting appearance it has. This is no doubt, one of the best animal wallpapers.

Water Bird Pondduck-

Your profile background will not disappoint when you choose this beautiful image that encompasses creativity.

Fish Atlantisunderwater-fish

Get rid of your boring background and make it lively with this stunning image that is goes a long way to show why animal images are the best wallpapers.


A peacock is typically known to be very beautiful, the same results will be replicated when you choose to use it as a background wallpaper.

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