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A Collection of Pictures of Funny Animals

These days, everyone goes to the internet to find something they love and that which shall make them happy. Over time, we have found unique and interesting ways of sharing content amongst ourselves. These days, you don’t have to be so traditional and stick to the use of words only. There are tons of images out there that can effectively spice your conversation depending on what is being discussed. If you love and humor and images that will make everyone laugh, images of funny animals are definitely worth to look at. You’ll be amazed at how much creativity has been used to make these images incorporate a powerful touch of humor.

If you’re looking for cool pictures of funny animals to share with your friends, feel free to begin your search here. There are hundreds probably thousands of funny animal pictures out there. Make the internet your searching platform and you’ll be amazed at the great collection of funny pictures you’ll find out there. However, we have simplified the search and put together a nice collection of funny animal pictures. You can use these pictures as wallpapers, display profile pictures or share them with your friends on social media platforms or instant messaging platforms such as whatsapp.

Shocked Animals

There’s always an expression we have on our face whenever we are shocked about something. But have you seen how animals react when they’re shocked? These cool funny pictures of shocked animals will make your thrilled. The creativity which has been captured is simply amazing. No doubt, anyone seeing these images will be amused with the funny expressions.

Puppy in Blanket

This awesome funny animal picture is a good pick especially if you’re looking for something interesting and humorous to either put as a wallpaper, profile pic or share with your friends.

Monkey Selfie

This funny animal picture displaying a monkey selfie represents satire at its very best. No doubt, it’s a picture that will catch the attention of anyone who comes across it.


If you’re looking for something different but nice in a funny animal picture, try this image whose animal expression is that of happiness.

Fluffy Head

It’s interesting how this image has been captured with a lot of creativity but still maintaining a deep sense of humor. It’s a nice pick if you’re looking for an eye-catching image to attract attention.

Cute Monkeys

You’ll be blown away by how these funny images of monkeys expressing different forms of creativity are coupled with an unimaginable sense of humor.

Cute Puppy

Imagination and creativity is presented in very best form in this awesome image that is captivating and eye-catching. Whether you’re thinking of having a really cool profile pic or share it with your friends, it’s definitely a good choice.

Winking Cat

If you’re looking for nice and cool winking images, check out this awesome image with a winking cat, it’s really unique and enchanting.

Frog Photographer

Nothing excites more than the way this image has been creatively put together to give it a comic theme. If you’re keen on extraordinary images of funny animals, this image should feature on your list.

Curios Animal

This nice little image is a perfect representation of creativity blended with humor. It’s a really nice image that can be used as a wallpaper or profile picture.

Somersault Frog

This interesting funny image of a frog in somersault position can add great a unique twist to your profile. It will make everyone see your humorous side.

Meerkat Baby

Your profile won’t be the same again should you choose the awesome nice photo of a baby meerkat. It’s simply amazing as well as funny.

Comic Meerkat

If you love comic images, then this one will definitely catch your attention. It’s definitely worth your laughter and everyone else who’ll come across it.


This funny portrait of an owl is really awesome and will make  you and anyone else who comes across your profile explode in laughter, the creativity is simply unimaginable.

Dogs in Carriage

Your social media or whatsapp profile will get a new facelift the moment you choose this nice image. It’s definitely worth your time especially if you want something nice and funny.

Frog Underpants

This image is very funny and captivating especially if you appreciate comical images that add spice to your profile. The good news is you can download it and use it on your profile.

Funny Hedgehogs

These decorated hedgehogs holding an apple is a fine representation of humor for all those who’re interested in beautiful funny images.

Funny Owl

With this image, you can show people your comical side. Feel free to download it and use as a profile pic, wallpaper or share it with your friends.

Funny Pet Fur

When you take a closer look, you’ll realize the pet’s fur is combed giving it an interesting and funny appearance. This is a good pick for funny and unique pet images.

Funny Face Dog

Funny dog pictures are loved by many people because of the creativity. This is an example of a really funny dog face picture that you can download and use freely.

Funny Face

Looking at the image, you can easily see the comical theme which has been incorporated to give the animal a funny face.

Pug Funny Face

If you’re looking for nice pug images, this one will catch your attention because not only is it beautiful, it is creative and funny as well.

Pug Tongue

This is yet another cool image that you can download and use on your social media or whatsapp profile. This funny image is a nice example of unique images.

Black Funny Pet

If you love animals and humor combined, this image is a nice selection of a funny pet that will make you happy.

Comic Domestic Goat

The first thing that comes into your mind when you look at this image is laughter. It is indeed funny and will give you the attention you are looking for.

Stuffed Animal

This stuffed animal image is exceptional for the way it highlights a comical theme. You will love it when you download it as an image for use as a profile picture.

Emu Funny Face

By choosing this image, you will show your creative and comical side. You can share it with your friends or use it as a profile picture for your social media or whatsapp profile.

Happy Snail

Having this image on your profile is no doubt a great step towards getting the attention of anyone who comes across this lovely and funny snail.

Yawning Cat

This wonderful image is a good choice if you appreciate unique animal images with a satirical twist.

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