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30+ Best Emoticons For Facebook And Skype

In the recent times, technologies that improve communication have been introduced and thanks to them, communication has been simplified a great deal. Facebook is the largest social media platform with a huge following all over the globe. On the other hand, the popularity of Skype has increased in the recent years because not only does this platform facilitate instant messaging, it also allows users to call each other over Skype or enjoy video calls. As these platforms have continued to grow, the use of emoticons has also been widely embraced by users of online communication platforms. Facebook and Skype have also witnessed an increase in the number of emoticons which are now preferred for communication.

People can easily share their expressions using emoticons. For instance when you’re happy or sad, you can use happy or sad emoticons to share your emotions. The cool thing about emoticons is that they can be used together with text messages, emails and instant messages. One key advantage of using emoticons is they save you a lot of space because a single emoticon can easily summarize a sentence of several words. Fortunately, you can use several emoticons in a message to show different emotions or alternatively, repeat the same emoticon multiple times to emphasize an emotion.

In this article, we’re going to discuss popular Facebook and Skype emoticons that you can choose to use for your conversations. Since these emoticons are standardized and have been widely embraced, it will be easy for you to share and communicate with your friends. These emoticons are the best representatives of our emotions and therefore, be free to use them in your conversations. These emoticons give you the chance to express different emotions on both Skype and Facebook. No doubt, thanks to these emoticons, communication on these two platforms has been simplified a great deal.


When you’re feeling happy, delighted and excited about something, you can find a really cool happy emoticon to share with your friends on either Facebook or Skype. There are different types of happy emoticons on the internet so feel free to choose the best emoticons that excite you the most. Happy emoticons add life and excitement to conversations.


This is the most commonly used emoticon for Skype, Facebook as well as other platforms. Everyone has admitted to extensively using this emoticon either on their status or during online conversations.


On many occasions, we get surprised about something when we are in a conversation with someone or mention a subject that surprises us. The best way to share an emotion of surprise is to pick a nice and enchanting surprised emoticon. Fortunately, these emoticons come in different styles so feel free to pick the best.


Sometimes, thing don’t go as we expected sparking a feeling of anger and displeasure. When using platforms such as Skype and Facebook, you can show something has angered you by choosing to use an angry emoticon instead of trying to describe your feeling using words.


When something has caused you to become emotional, a crying emoticon could be the best choice to use to show how you feel. Fortunately, this emotion is available for use in both Facebook and Skype.


Love is a beautiful feeling we all want to have. Sometimes, there no just enough words to express how we feel about someone special we love.  In this case, a love emoticon can sum up your special feelings for someone in a unique, interesting and captivating way.


This is yet another common emoticon people love to use when communicating. It can be used in different ways to show different emotions. The internet has plenty of these emoticons that make it easy for you to express yourself.


On many occasions, we get disappointed because of many things that happen around us. When communicating to someone, you can use sad emoticons to show you are sad because of something that has happened. Sad emoticons come in different shades and styles; you should get creative and choose emoticons that best show this emotion.


When you’re unsure about something, it is easier to use an emoticon rather than trying to share your entire thought using words only. Fortunately, there are numerous types of confused emoticons that you can use for Facebook and Skype.


If you’re so excited and can’t hold back your laughter, choose a laugh emoticon and share it with your friends to show you’re really amused. This emoticon can be found in different styles and designs so you have a wide choice of what to choose from.


This is a unique emoticon that can be used in different contexts depending on your status or the type of conversation you are having.


Most of us love taking coffee. As a popular drink, there are coffee emoticons you can use for Facebook and Skype. You can use them to show you’re enjoying your favorite cup of coffee or as an invitation to your friend to meet you for coffee. Depending on the context you use them, it still remains a popular emoticon.


Evil is a common emoticon that you can use in your conversation depending on the context of the discussion. Contrary to what some people think, this emoticon can also be used jokingly in conversations.


When you feel delighted or wish to show you are glad about something, you can choose to use awesome emoticons to share your emotions with your friends. There are different types of awesome emoticons you can choose to include in your status and conversations.


This is a great emoticon that is widely used in conversations most commonly to reaffirm that you will keep a secret and not share confidential information with anyone. It will save you a great deal of time using this emoticon.


Everyone loves parties. Party emoticons are a great way to show you’re in the party mood and don’t mind having some fun. Party emoticons are the most diverse and therefore, you have the chance to choose from several emoticons.


If you’re feeling dizzy and sleepy, the sleep emoticon is a perfect way to tell your friends and colleagues, you need to go and sleep. There are different types of sleep emoticons on the internet, feel free to choose from the different types of emoticons available.


If you’re looking for a way to spice up your conversations with emoticons that highlight creativity, bomb emoticons will be of great help.

Thumbs up

Thumbs up is a common emoticon that is used in both Facebook and Skype for affirmation purposes. You can use this emoticon to indicate that you are in agreement with an issue being discussed.


A lot of internet users love this emoticon because it can be used in different contexts most commonly when you’re discussing about cakes or probably wishing someone a happy birthday.


There are times when things happen that make us shocked. You can use this emoticon to show your surprise about something or react to what the person you’re chatting with has told you. There are different types of shock emoticons on the internet, feel free to check and pick what suits you best.

BRB (Be Right Back)

When you’re chatting with someone on an instant messaging platform, you could be interrupted by something for a while before resuming the conversation. In this case, you can use a Brb emoticon to excuse yourself from a conversation.


We all love to clap to show our recognition for something that deserves our applause. Since when you’re chatting with someone, they can’t hear you when you clap, you can use this emoticon to express your actions.


Wink is a popular emoticon commonly used in conversations depending on the context of the chat. This emoticon is used in a friendly chat or used to represent a sarcastic statement. There are numerous types of wink emoticons on the internet, the choice is yours to pick the best.


Dancing is a fun activity that we all love to engage in and choosing a dancing emoticon for your status or conversations will instantly give your friends an idea what you’re doing. This awesome icon is a good choice for sharing your emotions with your friends


This is a common emoticon which is used in friendly conversations; you can also use it for sarcasm to make your conversation more interesting and engaging. The internet has tons of shy emoticons you can choose.


This is a common emoticon that people use when discussing issues about money on popular platforms such as Facebook and Skype.

Thumbs down

When you dislike something or you aren’t satisfied about a service, the thumbs down emoticon will come in handy for use. Immediately you share this emoticon, everyone will know you’re unhappy or dissatisfied. This emoticon can also be used in sarcastic or friendly conversations.

High Five

This emoticon is used mostly in friendly conservations to signify different emotions depending on the conversation. A lot of people use high five emoticon to spice up their conversations.


A lot of people use this emoticon for romantic gestures because since you’re far away and can’t give your loved one a physical kiss, this emoticon will simplify everything for you.

As you can see, the above 30 emoticons for Facebook and Skype are the most commonly used for statuses and during messaging. The list of emoticons is growing everyday but we have summarized for you emoticons we feel you’re most likely to use for your messaging.

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