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25+ Best Funny Anniversary Quotes

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Anniversary is a special time for jubilation and celebration. It comes every year as reminder of that moment when you were joined by your partner to form a beautiful relationship. The relationship where you have sworn to create a strong bond of love, care, affection and a union that is like no other. Life provides you with another opportunity to look into your relationship. How much you have gained or lost since the time you have said “I Do” or “Yes I Will”. Have you ever considered how elated you were at the time when you begin your relationship? There are moments in your life where you easily forget the value of your partner and you start taking things for granted. But as your anniversary arrives the positive aspects of your relation begin to float in your mind. No matter whether its your first anniversary or the fiftieth, it is always special to you.


A relationship is a responsibility that you put on your shoulders. As you and your partner walk together hands in hands through thick and thin, this relation brings about the most fruitful of outcomes. You feel strong when you have this sense of security, support and love with you. You know someone will stand firm by your side no matter whatever the situation is. When you find such a partner as a blessing you become certain you want to spend the rest of your life with them. You tend to do more for that person in return for their love.

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