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25+ I Love You Quotes

Love is a beautiful experience that everyone wants to have. They say love is best expressed through actions and one of the best ways you can show your loved one that you care for them is by sending them nice romantic messages. Love thrives better in an environment that embraces creativity. Aside from always surprising your loved one with new things every day, the nice little surprise you give him or her make all the difference. Fortunately, we are in the digital era which has favored couples a great deal. We are no longer living in an era where we had to send love messages by post. These days, the emergence of social media and instant messaging platforms such as Whatsapp has redefined how we communicate and share messages.

The internet has no doubt contributed a great deal when it comes to facilitating communication as well as keeping relationships alive thanks to cute love messages. If you’re in a marriage, a relationship or have just met someone you are attracted to, there is a wide collection of nice I love you quotes on the internet that you can share them. When you feel like sharing something nice and creative with your lover, these I love you quotes carry a powerful message that fully demonstrates your love as well as show your commitment.

There are thousands of nice messages out there that you can send for your loved one depending on the circumstances. For instance, some love quotes may be to say you are sorry while others are sent during special anniversaries such as birthdays and wedding anniversaries. If you’re relationship is going through rocky times, these messages will bring light at the end of the tunnel. The collection of love quotes is handpicked to add spice and creativity to your relationship.

Loved You

love you quotes

This is a beautiful message that shows that love between you and your lover is timeless; it has no limits. This love quote is simple but carries a powerful message.

I Didn’t Plan It

I didn't plan it

This is yet another awesome love quote that shows the innocence and purity of love. It is a feeling that occurs naturally. Send this quote to your loved one and they’ll be pleased with you.

You’re Not My Number One

you are not my number one

The quote can be a little confusing and create suspense when you read the first part of it. However, the second part crowns it all; a very romantic and lovely quote.

You are Inside Me

you are inside me

This is a cute and lovely quote that you can download and send for your loved one to reassure him or her of the strong bond that you share.

Every Time

every time

If you’re keen on finding a nice yet creative I love you quote for your partner, this message will charm them in every way possible.

The Longer You Wait

the longer you wait

This special I love you quote carries a weighty message that will reach down to the deepest part of your partner’s heart. They will be impressed to see how much you value them.

If You Can’t Get Someone

If I can't get someone

If you’re searching for a powerful love quote that will lift up the spirits of your loved one, choose this awesome love quote to excite them.

I Miss your Cuddles

I miss your cuddles

This is a great quote to send to your loved one especially if you’re far away from them. The beautiful quote will make them feel close to you.

I Like When You

I like when you

Surprise your loved one with this cute quote that basically shows them what their love means to you.

The Best and Most Beautiful Things

the best and the most beauiful thing

The underlying message of this powerful love quote is recognizing how valuable your partner is to you and the incredible role they play in your life.

A Good Relationship

a good relationship

This is a nice love quote that promotes a healthy relationship and underscores the need to understand and support each other in a relationship.

It Takes Just 3 Secondsit just takes 3 seconds

The creativity of this love quote is what makes it a nice pick. Furthermore, the message is sincere and romantic.

Love is Great and Possible

love is great and possible

This is an awesome love quote that simply emphasizes the value of love and why we all need to experience this beautiful feeling.

Every Love Storyevery love story

Show how valuable and beautiful your relationship is by sending your loved one this special I love you quote. Feel free to download and send it to them via social media or whatsapp messaging.

It Took Half a Lifetime

it took half a lifetime

Your relationship is the most valuable and best thing to have ever happened to you. Affirm this by sending your lover this special quote to show them how much you love them.

Every Moment

every moment

For a relationship to grow, you have to stay committed and spare time for your partner. Show how much you appreciate the time you spend with them by sending them this short cute love quote.

A Hundred Hearts

a hundred hearts

They say love is difficult to measure and equate to anything else. Show how much you love your partner with this incredible love quote.

You are the Sunshine

you are the sunshine

Send this beautiful quote to your lover just to show you’re missing them and thinking about them.

Love Doesn’t Make

love doesn't make

The creativity of this love quote is astounding; send this quote to your partner to show them the power of love and what love can do.

I’m Missing Someone

I'm missing someone

This is a perfect love quote to send to your lover especially when they’re not near and you’re missing them; they’ll know they are on your mind.

Love isn’t Easy

love isn't easy

If you’re looking for a nice love quote, this is a nice pick because it has a good message that encourages the spirit of love.

Being Single

being single

This is a great inspirational message especially for those who are still searching for love telling them never to give up.

You’re My Strength

you're my strength

Love is a powerful feeling that nobody can resist however strong you are. This is a romantic quote that demonstrates your love.

The Day I Fell In Love

the day I fell in love

This is a short but very captivating and romantic love quote, an ideal pick for sending to your loved one.

There is No Relationship

There is no relationship- I love you quotes

For love to prosper, respect and trust have to be present in the relationship. This is a lovely and realistic message for those in love to uphold these values for their relationships to work.

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