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Missing You Quotes – Finding The Best Way To Express It

We live in a crazy world. People travel, move to different cites, and generally roam the world. While this type of nomadic lifestyle may seem cool and exciting, these travelers are leaving someone behind. Let’s all face it: missing someone for whatever reason is a very real part of life. It happens every day.

Missing Someone in Every Way

Maybe it is not even that extreme. Maybe you just met the love of your life and you want to express it while you’re away from them during the average workday. Every year, young adults go off to college. Once there, they find that they’re suddenly homesick in ways that they never knew before. They’re truly lost without their parents or their hometown friends. What says missing someone more than this?

Times get tough. This is how life goes. Sometimes we even pick the wrong people to be in relationships with, and for no fault of our own, these relationships end. Now that does not mean that you can’t miss this particular individual. Sometimes, the words “I miss you” just aren’t enough to express how you really feel.

Do you want to find a way to show how much you miss someone? Try sending them a quick image expressing just how you feel. There are some truly beautiful ones out there.

Just Where Are They?

Everything that you could possibly want will be right at your fingertips in an online search. Did you have something specific in mind? Try typing that in. Just searching the words “I Miss You” and “quote” will bring up hundreds of hits. One of the absolute best places for these is a site called “search quotes.” It allows you to search by topic. Once you have found the proper section for missing you quotes, it will allow you to browse through them. You can eve rate the various quotes that you discover. This way, you can find gems such as this:


This site is great because you don’t just have to use images. Maybe you want the actual quote to display on a card or a gift. This is totally your place for it. Now you can physically add in a quote to a greeting card, or even an email.

If you truly cannot find an image that you like, try designing your own. Maybe snap a picture of some flowers, a pet, or something else that has meaning to you and add your own caption. You can find easy software for designing your own layouts. Check your app store for image creating software. Now your friend or loved one will have a customized memento of your feelings for them.

Images: the Free Card

In today’s world, there is no need to go out to your store and spend money on a card. There are thousands of free images right in front of you on your web browser. After conducting your search like we did above, click on the “images” instead of the “web” section. Not only will it provide you quotes, it will also provide you suggestions of who the quote is going to, or if you want a cute or funny quote. While most of us assume that “miss you” quotes are going to a significant other, this type of search will give you a display that will suggest best friend options. This way, you can find ones such as the one below without having to scroll through dozens of sappy ones:



You will find that this might be your favorite way to now send greeting cards to friends and family! Not to mention it is also the cheapest method of sending cards!

Social Media Friendly

The best part of using these images is that you can save them, and then post them again on your friend, family or significant other’s social media account. You can save and post directly to their wall, or Tweet it over to them on Twitter. Although, nothing beats sending it in a text message where they can read it over and over again to be reminded of you. It may be just what the other person needed. Who knows? They might be missing you as well.

The other great thing about texting these images? They can be saved to a wallpaper-or even a contact image display. Even better-they’re all free. Now everyone had the perfect reminder that someone is thinking of them-and missing them.

Helping the Grief

We have all had to cope with the forever loss of a friend, family member, or even a pet when death has separated us. This is the ultimate-and worst type-of missing someone because they cannot respond to our gesture, and we will not be seeing them again soon. Sometimes, viewing an image, or saving it, can make that bit of grief just a tiny bit easier. After all, who doesn’t need a small reminder that life goes on even when it feels like it won’t? It’s ok to miss someone. This is a natural part of the grief process. A few of these pictures may be able to help:


The site “quotesgram.com” offers quotes on missing everyone from family to friends. It could be your go to source for grief comfort. If you are looking for some truly touching images, check here first! Their selection will not let you down!

Wherever you look, you will not be disappointed. There are tons of great options out there. Just get out, play around, and look until you find what is most meaningful to you.

Missing someone is never easy-or fun. Hopefully whatever the source, finding something to express your feelings will help you. Find an image you love, save it and remind yourself that this is only temporary. Or share it with that special someone so that they know how much you are thinking of them. Everyone needs a little reminder from time to time! Good luck and have fun!

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