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Beautiful and Romantic Facebook Cover Page Photos

Love is the most beautiful feeling any human being can experience. It is great to love and be loved, an experience everyone often looks forward to. With the emergence of social media platforms, people have found a unique way of expressing their love and affection to those that they love. There is a massive collection of romantic images that you can use as Facebook cover page photos. Choosing to use a Facebook cover photo is a perfect way to not only show your loved one what you feel for them but also let your friends know you are in love.

The collection is vast and therefore, what you choose to put as your romantic Facebook cover depends on your personal preferences. The good thing about these awesome Facebook covers is that they have been beautifully designed and incorporate a lot of creativity. When you use these romantic covers, your Facebook profile will never look the same again. Even though we know the list of romantic wallpapers for Facebook covers is endless, we have endeavored to bring together some of the most awesome covers that you can use on your profile. You only need to right click and save it to include it on your profile.



This is an excellent choice for a romantic wallpaper for your Facebook cover. Not only will your profile look awesome, it will have a spark of creativity as well.

Love Hearts

love hearts

There’s no better way to show you are in love other than choosing to use these lovely hearts on your Facebook cover. You can be assured your Facebook profile will never look the same again.

Love Pebbles

love pebbles

If you appreciate creativity, this captivating image will be a good choice as a cover photo. The creativity and beauty is simply astounding.

Romantic Valentine

romantic valentine

Valentine Day is a special occasion for lovers. You can put this image as your cover photo to celebrate Valentines and look forward to a brighter future with your loved one.

Red Heart Love

red heart

This is a nice choice for a Facebook especially if you are looking for a beautiful and captivating image that will instantly transform your profile.

Lover Banner

love birdsThis cool and attractive image has creatively incorporated different colors and shapes making it appear sophisticated and eye-catching.

Heart Symbol

heart symbol

Your Facebook cover will not be the same the moment you incorporate this beautiful and wonderfully designed image as your profile cover photo.

Shinning Hearts

shining hearts

This nice image has the ability to completely transform your Facebook profile to a unique page that everybody will notice. It’s definitely a good choice if creativity is your thing.

Book Page

book page

Anyone who comes across this image will appreciate the clever approach which has been used to depict the beautiful love symbol.

Romantic Pose

romantic pose

This image is a perfect representation that shows the close and tight bond that is synonymous with couples who are in love. It’s a great addition as your Facebook timeline photo.

Cute Teddy Bear

cute teddy

Teddy bear is a symbol of love and charm and therefore, this image will transform your Facebook profile by crowning it with a touch of love.

Love Wallpapers

love wallpaper

With this image as your Facebook cover photo, everyone will know you are in love. The unique design makes a Facebook profile stand out.

Scenic Love Sunset


They say sunsets are a beautiful time to celebrate love. This image is a wonderful choice if you want to reflect and share love on your profile.



Creativity is displayed at its peak in this wonderfully designed image that is a true reflection of the power of love.

Beautiful Love Cover


Everyone coming to your profile will know you are in love immediately they encounter this awesome eye-catching piece of art which signifies love and affection.

Heart Shaped Book

heart shaped

This heart shaped book will make your Facebook profile look awesome more so because of the unique and attractive look.

I Love You

i love you

These powerful words summarize the beautiful experience of love and affection expressed in a creative and profound message.

Sackcloth Background


The word Love engraved on this beautiful sack is a reaffirmation of how love can be expressed in different creative ways.

Heart Love


Your Facebook profile will receive a major facelift the moment you choose to change your cover photo and include this beautiful and awesome looking image.

Every Love Story

love story

If you wish to have a Facebook cover that is accompanied by words, you’ll love this incredible image with wording suitable for expressing your love.

Blue Glitter Love

blue glitter

This is an exciting and breathtaking image that can fit perfectly as a Facebook cover. This is a transformational image that is a good choice for anyone looking to improve their profile.

Love Hearts on Pegs

love hearts pegs

You can see a lot of creativity has gone into putting this image together and making it stand out. Feel free to use it as a Facebook cover photo.

I’m In Love

i'm in love

This splendid image will appear clearly when placed on your profile as a Facebook cover photo. This is a good choice if you’re looking for a nice romantic cover photo.

Romantic Couples Beach

romantic beach

The beach is a favorite spot for couples and having this image as your Facebook cover will transform your profile into something interesting and captivating.

Romantic Stroll

romantic stroll

Couples share their time together. This amazing image is a nice pick for anyone looking for cool romantic Facebook covers for their profile.

Romantic Flower

romantic flower

Looking for something creative? This interesting and funny romantic flower will look good as your Facebook cover.

Romantic Walk

romantic walk

Everyone coming across this image will definitely know love is in the air. When used as a cover photo, you can be assured the outcome will be attractive.

Romantic Picnic

romantic picnic

Your Facebook profile will never be the same again if you choose to have this photograph as your cover photo.

Love Words

love words

Creativity is at its very best when you see how words have been clearly used in this wonderful facebook cover photo. Feel free to download it and include the photo on your profile.

Wine Glass

wine glass

This beautiful Facebook cover photo is an example of sophistication and elegance. When you have this image on your Facebook profile, love is in the air.

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