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15 + Best Smileys and Emoticons for Facebook

Nowadays, the use of social media networks has become more profound and everyone is practically using social media as their key tool of communication with friends and colleagues. However, long gone are the days when people used to communicate using words only. These days, the introduction of emoticons has completely transformed and introduced new and exciting ways of communication. Given the fact that Facebook is by far the largest social media platform in the globe, there are a lot of interesting smileys for Facebook that you can choose to communicate with.

Smileys are the perfect way for you to freely express your feelings and emotions. When you’re in a light mood, there are several smileys you can share with your friends. In the recent times, a lot of new and unique Facebook smileys have been introduced giving users a variety of smileys to choose from. It’s worth noting that most Facebook users love going for animated smileys which are very popular because they are captivating and quickly pass the message in a clear and simple manner.

Thankfully, you can now update your status using different smileys and emoticons. This is a great way of communicating with your loved ones because since they are far away and can’t see you, you can simply choose a smiley that will best represent your current feeling and send it to them. The cool thing about these smileys is you can send multiple symbols at the same time; you just need to separate them with commas.

The internet is a vast source for different types of smileys and emoticons as there are hundreds of symbols on the internet which have been created to represent different thoughts and emotions. Using these symbols, you’ll be able to express yourself in a way words cannot effectively convey. The cool thing about smileys is there are numerous new symbols that are introduced almost on a daily basis. With each new update comes a new innovative way of sharing your statuses with friends and colleagues.

In this article, we shall share with you some of the popular Facebook smileys that you can use for communication. The standard way of using these smileys is to visit a site that has these symbols listed and then, simply copy and paste the code below the symbol. This code usually converts into an emoticon once you post it on Facebook. Check out cool Facebook smileys below.


If you’re in a light mood, there’s no better way you can express yourself other than choosing a nice smiley for your status. This way, your Facebook friends will know you’re happy and excited about something. There are several Facebook smileys on the internet, feel free to choose one that appeals to you the most.

Nice smiley

You can choose to use this smiley to show your excitement and warm nature to your friends. If you love smileys that will lighten up both you and your friends, there are a couple of nice smileys on the internet.

Sunglasses smiley

In the recent times, the use of sunglasses smileys has been on an upward trend. A lot of people find sunglasses smileys to be cool. These smileys are used because they’re not only ideal for hiding tools to hide your eye contact but also represent a lot of sophistication, modernity and style. If you’re looking for a cool smiley that will leave everyone amused, choose sunglasses smileys; there are different types of sunglasses smileys on the internet.

Amazing smileys

The advantage of amazing smileys is that they go beyond the ordinary way of expressing delight and include creativity that helps to clearly bring out the message. Amazing smileys can at times have both an image and some accompanying text. Feel free to visit the internet and choose what makes you happy.

Cheeky smileys

When you want to sound cunning and cheeky, don’t get stuck because there are numerous ways you can boldly express your statements. Choosing cheeky smiles allows in humor as well as some sarcasm to your Facebook statuses.

Comic smileys

Do you want to add some humor and creativity to your Facebook status? Well, comic smileys have everything you are looking for. These images are vast and can be used to pass across different forms of expressions. If you’re looking to try something different, eye catching and captivating, choose comic smileys.

Secret smileys

There are times when we want the person we’re chatting with on Facebook to remain confidential regarding a specific issue you’ve discussed with them. In this case, you’ll find secrey smileys ideal for passing the message. They’re different types of secret smileys out there you can use to prevent your friends from concealing information you wish to remain secret.

Thumbs up smileys

The use of thumbs up emoticons has been on the rise with many Facebook users beginning to appreciate the key role they play in communication. These smileys can be used to express affirmation and they come in different styles. The internet has a huge collection of thumbs up smileys and therefore, you can choose what suits you best.

Unhappy smiley

Sometimes, things don’t often go as you expect. When you’re feeling low and dejected, you can find an appropriate unhappy smiley to show your disappointment. The internet has tons of unhappy smileys that come in different colors, designs and shades. When you share this smiley, your friends will know you’re not fine.

3D smileys

A lot of Facebook users have embraced 3D smileys because they are extremely clear and captivating especially when you want to try something new and interesting. There are numerous 3D smileys for your use, feel free to choose smileys that excite you most.

Blink smiley

Blinks are commonly used in Facebook conversations depending on the context of the conversation. They are often associated with light mood and conservations incorporating a good sense of humor as well.

Animated smileys

Facebook users who love using animated smileys agree they’re creative and effectively send messages across to your Facebook friends. These smileys are cool and sophisticated, an ideal choice for modern Facebook users.

Greenish smileys

If you want to use something different and captivating for Facebook smileys, greenish smileys offer a unique alternative to express your thoughts and feelings in the best way possible. Feel free to check the internet for different types of greenish smileys.

Wallpaper smileys

Wallpaper smileys are unique with an edge of creativity embedded in them. When you use them on Facebook profile, your profile will stand out from the rest. These smileys come in different shapes, color and sizes and therefore, you have plenty of variety to choose from.

Love/romantic smileys

Love is the most beautiful and precious encounter for any human being. Fortunately, Facebook allows user the opportunity to share cool love smileys with their loved ones. Love smileys are the perfect way to show your loved one that you appreciate and care for them.

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