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A Collection of Nice Twitter Backgrounds

In the recent years, Twitter has grown fast into becoming one of the most popular social media platforms which is now being utilized for both personal and business use. These days, users are going an extra mile to make their social media platforms look attractive. You don’t have to leave your Twitter background on default because there are many customized Twitter backgrounds you can choose to use on your profile in order to give it a unique and attractive look. Fortunately, there is a massive collection of Twitter backgrounds on the internet.

The choice you make depends on your preferences and the message you intend to send to anyone who visits your profile. For instance, if you’re an artist, you might want to choose a Twitter background that reflects your interest. The advantage of these Twitter backgrounds is that they come with different colors, shades and designs thus have an immense ability to transform your profile into an eye-catching profile. In this respect, we have collected some of the best Twitter backgrounds that you can include on your Twitter profile, they can be easily downloaded so you shouldn’t have a problem using them.


Corn Fields

This is an excellent Twitter background in case you are looking for an image that is captivating and focuses on detail. You can customize your Twitter background and include this image to have a unique look.

Winter Alleys


If you’re looking for a nice winter background for your Twitter profile, check out this amazing image that reflects creativity and style.

Hardwood Interior

Wild Hardwood background

Your Twitter background will not be the same again thanks to this well textured hardwood interior that you can easily download and customize it to be your Twitter background.


abstract twitter background

If you love green backgrounds which are bold and outstanding, you can choose this awesome image as your Twitter background; the results will be impressive.

Romanceheart romance background

This beautiful and highly creative romance image will be an instant attraction for anyone who visits your Twitter profile. The detail put to it gives it a nice and attractive appearance.


walnut background

It’s a wise idea to choose this awesome image as a creative way of sprucing up your Twitter background. The image is fully downloadable and therefore, you can customize it for your Twitter profile.

NatureNature background

If you’re charmed by the beauty associated with nature, this beautiful image will instantly transform your Twitter background to give it a captivating appearance.

Matchstick Fire

matchstick background

Your twitter background will never be same again the moment you choose to have this image on your Twitter profile. You can include this image to send out a specific message using your profile or simply have it for fun.

Coffee Beans

coffee beans

If your Twitter account belongs to a coffee shop or a similar business, you can use this cool twitter background to make your profile stand-out and appear unique.

Nature Outdoor

green nature outdoor

Everyone loves nature backgrounds because they instantly create an amazing impact on a profile. If you choose to use this background, you’ll notice a visible difference in your profile.

Autumn Leaves

autumn leaves

This is an amazing background that showcases creativity especially if you are looking for a Twitter background that will make your profile the focus of attention.



When it comes to creativity, this is one of the best Twitter backgrounds you can possibly have. Your profile will have a completely different look far from what anybody would expect to see.

Flower Orchid

flower orchid

This beautiful orchid is a nice choice if you’re keen on sprucing up your Twitter background with something sweet that will please everybody who comes across it.


forest greenery

If forests fascinate you, then this cool image will be a suitable choice for your Twitter background. Feel free to download it and customize your profile.


network web

This smart image of a cobweb is a good choice for anyone looking for a unique way of enhancing their Twitter profile. When used as a Twitter background, you will get attain good results.

Evening Sky


Evenings are picturesque and the best way to showcase the beauty associated with an evening sky is to choose this image as a Twitter background.


background green and red berries

We all love berries because of their mouthwatering taste, you can extend this sweetness by having these berries as your Twitter background for a warm and captivating feeling.

City Skyline


City skylines are beautiful and having them as a Twitter background will make your profile appear elegant. This image can be customized and included on your Twitter profile as a background.

Stripped Texture


Stripped texture is an incredible choice for a Twitter background especially if you want something eye-catching and attractive. You can use this background to transform your profile.

Brown Circle

background brown circle

Your Twitter profile will never be the same when you decide to choose this stunning image as a background for your Twitter account. No doubt, creativity is at its very best.


Beans background

In order for your Twitter background to stand out, make sure to download a nice image such as this one that will impress anyone who comes to your profile.



If you’re fascinated with happenings in the skies, you would love to have this cool image as your background for Twitter. The image can be customized and set as your profile background.

Sunset Beach


This is one of the best choices you can make when you’re choosing a Twitter background. The beach is known to be one of the best places for relaxation and so, this image will indeed fulfill your expectations.

Rustic Faded


If you want to take the creativity of your Twitter background to the next level, this super cool rustic faded background will do the magic for you.

Blue Skies


If you love to have your Twitter background incorporate a beautiful scenery picture, don’t hesitate to choose this amazing image that incorporates both beauty and creativity.


cash twitter background

This image will definitely attract the attention of anyone whenever they visit your Twitter profile.

Golden Gate Bridge


This awesome bridge will add a lot of value to your profile should you choose this image as your Twitter background.

Blue Stripes


Blue stripes is an excellent choice for a Twitter background especially if you love bright colors on your profile. It’s sophisticated and elegant appearance is an asset on any background.

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