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30 Best Whatsapp Quotes and Messages

In the recent times, Whatsapp has become the most used instant messaging platform commanding a large following across the globe. This application which has continued to woo numerous subscribers can be downloaded either from Google Store or Apple Store. Once you’ve downloaded this app, you will be asked whether you want to have access to your phone contacts. The cool thing about whatspp is you can chat with anyone in your phone contact free of charge; the only thing you need is to have an active internet connection. Since being released in 2009, the popularity of whatsapp has continued to grow on a daily basis with a daily capacity of over 10 billion messages.

The era of sending text messages is long gone because a lot of people now prefer using instant messaging platforms such as whatsapp. As we are all aware, sending messages on whatsaap is absolutely free, all you need is an internet connection. However, chatting via SMS is not only hectic but will also cost you more because telecom providers charge a fee for every SMS you send. Aside from spending costs on sending messages, you are limited with the type of content you can share. For Whatsapp, you’re free to share with your friends any type of content you wish. Lately, the use of whatsapp quotes has gone a notch higher with a lot of whatsapp users opting to use these quotes not only on their profiles but to share these amazing quotes with their friends.

In this article, we shall focus on some of the best whatsapp quote messages for you. This is a cool and amazing collection with unique and captivating messages that you and your friends will definitely like. Have fun as you choose quotes you feel are best suited for the message you intend to share.

No One Notices

whatsapp quote message

This is a perfect whatsapp quote message that you can include on your whatsapp profile or even share it with your friends. It simply depicts how others ignore your emotions but are quick to point out your weaknesses. This is a cool whatsapp quote message that carries a strong message.

Destroy What Destroys You

whatsapp quote

If you’re looking for some creativity when choosing the best whatsapp quotes, this one will be a good choice. The message is simple, short and straight to the point no doubt a good choice for sharing with your whatsapp friends.

You Only Live Once

Whatsapp Status

This nice whatsapp quote sums it up all in a simple and short quote whose message is weighty and a demonstration of the attitude we should have in life. Your friends will definitely love this whatsapp quote that represents reality.

Hope for the Best

short messages for whatsapp

This is an amazing quote thanks to its beautiful message that teaches us to be prepared for whatever comes in life. It’s a great pick especially if you want to send out really cool quotes for your whatsapp contacts.

Friendship Means Understanding

Happy Friendship Whatsapp Messages

Friendship is a special thing and nothing better expresses the spirit of friendship better than this amazing whatsapp quote. You can choose this awesome message and share it with your friends or put it as your whatsapp display pic to share your warm side.

Life is Beautiful

best whatsapp status messages quotes

There’s nothing as good as getting the opportunity to live, be part of the society and work towards achieving your dreams. This cool whatsapp quote message summarizes the core value of life and why we should have fun. Having this on your whatsapp profile will show your creative side.

I  Want to Inspire People

inspire people whatsapp quotes

If you find joy in inspiration and wish others could become better people by emulating your actions, this is a nice whatsapp quote you can share with your friends. The cool thing is there are numerous quotes with similar messages that you can find online.

That Moment

funny whatsapp quotes

Humor is good for us and having a cool, funny and interesting whatsapp quote is a break from the common whatsapp quotes everyone is used to seeing. This quote incorporates both humor as well as creativity.

Good Things

inspiration whatsupp quote

This is an excellent whatsapp quote and message that encourages patience especially if you want good things to happen in your life. If you want to share the virtue of patience with your whatsapp contacts, this quote is an ideal pick.

Nobody Move

Funny Whatsapp Status

If you want to share a funny whatsapp quote that will make everyone happy and amused, this quote will showcase your light and humorous personality. With this quote, you’re guaranteed your whatsapp quote will stand out.

Two Things to Remember

life quotes pictures images

This is a beautiful and unique whatsapp quote and message that you can send for your friends. Alternatively, you can also use it as your whatsapp display pic considering the powerful message contained in the quote.


funny-goodnight-quotes-for whatsappThis is an inspirational and powerful quote that you can share with your friends especially as a goodnight whatsapp quote. You can choose this beautiful message to be part of your profile and encourage someone who feels they don’t have a second chance in life.

If Someone Ask Me

whatsapp status for friends

In case you’re looking for a nice friendship whatsapp quote and message to share with your friends, this whatsapp quote is a perfect choice. This quote emphasizes the value and meaning of true friendship.

I Never Make a Mistake Twice

amazing whatsapp quote

The variety of quotes that whatsapp offers is a perfect chance to find unique quotes that will make you stand out from the rest. This whatsapp quote carries an interesting message that you can share with your whatsapp contacts.

Don’t Ask Why

whatsapp status message

This is a cool whatsapp quote with a powerful message that you can share with your friends. If you’re looking for something nice and interesting, you can choose this quote.

You May Feel Lost

religious whatapp quote

This is a powerful whatsapp spiritual that you can have as a whatsapp display pic or alternatively, share this inspiring spiritual message with your friends on whatsapp. The underlying message is spiritually uplifting.

People with Good Intentions

Keep-your-promises quote

This is a cool and interesting whatsapp quote that has a nice message that touches on keeping promises. With such a vast variety of quotes such as this one, you can share good messages with your family, friends and colleagues.

God is Love

spiritual whatsapp quotes

If you’re looking for a powerful spiritual message that will resonate well with your whatsapp contacts, this uplifting message will be the perfect choice for you to share with your whatsapp friends.

3 Things You Can’t Recover

WhatsApp English Quotes

This whatsapp quote has a really cool and creative message that reflects the true state of affairs in life. With such an amazing message, you’re free to share it with your friends. The message carries important life lessons that you can let your friends know.

The Struggle

struggle whatsapp quote

This is a powerful and exciting whatsapp quote that will send out a strong message of encouragement and hope when you share it with your friends on whatsapp. You can either put it as your whatsapp display pic or choose to send it to your friends as an image.

God Wants Full Custody

christian whatapp quotes

This is a spiritual whatsapp quote that has a deep spiritual message. You can choose this quote if you want to be spiritual and share this awesome message with your whatsapp contacts. There are numerous whatsapp quotes online, feel free to choose a nice quote such as this one.

Success is Walking with Enthusiasm

Motivational whatsapp Quotes

There is no doubt this is a powerful whatsapp quote that will instantly transform your whatsapp profile thanks to this creative and inspiring quote that will reassure those who are discouraged.

Every Test in Our Life

Inspiring Quotes On Whatsapp

This is an amazing inspiring quote that complements your whatsapp profile by inspiring others to receive wise words that will help them to keep going. Isn’t it amazing to share such a powerful message of hope?

Don’t Wish for It


This is yet another awesome whatsapp quote that serves as an encouragement to those who wish to achieve different things in life. This is a cool whatsapp quote whose message is applicable in real life spheres.

Distance Doesn’t Matter

Inspiring Quotes On Whatsapp

This is a perfect love and friendship whatsaap quote that acts as an assurance that distance can never be a reason to terminate a romantic or friendship relationship. This is a nice quote with a beautiful message that will make your whatsapp friends thrilled.

A Negative Thinker Sees a Difficulty

negative quote

This inspiring whatsapp quote is a powerful message that will challenge anyone who reads it to change their attitude and way of thinking. You can share this whatsapp quote with your friends to get them thinking about how to adopt a positive attitude.

Wear your Cute Pajamas


If you’re looking for an interesting and humorous whatsapp quote to either use as a whatsapp display profile pic or share the quote image with your whatsapp contacts, you’ll definitely find this one exciting.

Sweet Dreams

Sweet-Dreams-Sleep QUOTE

Whatsapp has numerous quotes and messages you can use to wish your friends a goodnight sleep. This sweet dreams whatsapp quote image is a perfect choice if you want to say goodnight in style.

Keep 3 Words

words-in-pocket Quote

This is a creative yet inspirational message that you can use as a whatsapp quote. The message itself encourages positive attitude towards life as well as summarizes the keys to success. Feel free to share this inspiring whatsapp quote with your friends.

Start your Day


If you’re looking for a cool and fun good morning whatsapp quote, this one is a good pick. With a sunrise background coupled with an uplifting message, it definitely shares the message in the best way possible.

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