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Collection of 30 + Interesting Goodbye Quotes

Personally, I hate goodbyes. Nobody likes saying goodbye especially when you know you might not see a loved one for a long period of time. However, situations arise in life when we have to say goodbye. For many people, saying goodbye is an unhappy moment but it doesn’t need to be if you choose nice goodbye quotes that will both help you as well as those you are saying goodbye to. Goodbyes don’t mean life has come to an end. In life, old friends will go and new ones will come your way.

Fortunately, there is a way to say goodbye in style which will help you to feel better after saying goodbye to someone you wouldn’t want lose even for a second. Remember, not everyone is brave enough to say goodbye. The good thing is nothing is permanent in life. When we say goodbye, we’re always hopeful that life will present us with an opportunity to meet those we once said goodbye to. In this article, we have collected some of the best goodbye quotes with beautiful messages that you can share with your family and friends. Fortunately, you can download these quotes and use them on your phone as well.

It’s Painful to Say Goodbye

painful to say goodbye

This is an excellent goodbye quote you can share because it has a nice message that depicts the true meaning of a sincere goodbye.

Never Take Your Loved Ones for Granted

loved ones goodbye quotes

This is a perfect quote that demonstrates the need to appreciate people while there are still around because you may not get the time to say goodbye.

The Most Painful Goodbye

painful to say goodbye

As this message states, goodbyes should always be discussed and explained to avoid them becoming a painful experience.

Never Say Goodbye

never say goodbye quotesThis quote emphasizes that saying goodbye doesn’t mean it’s the end, memories are still kept alive. This is an awesome quote you can choose to use as a goodbye quote.

Good Friends Never Say Goodbye

farewell quotes

This is a beautiful quote that teaches us there is always a better way of saying goodbye. The wording is carefully selected to bring out a powerful message for anyone looking for cool goodbye quotes.

Saying Goodbye

saying goodbye quotes

This is a perfect goodbye quote to show that saying goodbye is not always the best way of solving a problem. You can choose to include and share this beautiful quote with your content.

Don’t be Sad to Say Goodbye

sad goodbye quotes

Goodbyes aren’t supposed to be sad moments but rather a transition that ushers in beautiful memories that will remain with you forever. Get this beautiful goodbye quote and share it with your friends and colleagues.

If You Dare


This is a nice and beautiful goodbye quote that lets us know that every time you say goodbye, life will always give you another new beginning.

You Don’t Realize

nice goodbye quote

This is a nice goodbye quote that you can use to pass across a powerful goodbye message. The internet has numerous of similar quotes to this one.

A Man Never Knows to Say Goodbye

funny goodbye quotes

If you’re looking for a cool and interesting goodbye quote, this quote is a good pick because of the unique wording which has been used to pass the message.

It May Take a While

live goodbye quotes

This is an awesome goodbye quote you can choose to use if you’re interested in having a good quote with a powerful message.

Goodbyes Are Hard

goodbyes are hard quotes

Goodbyes are hardest for the one being left behind than the one leaving. This is a beautiful goodbye quote you’ll find both interesting and creative.

Things We Don’t Want to Happen

interesting goodbye quotes

This is a nice and interesting goodbye quote which is an amazing pick if you’re interested in having a unique goodbye quote that attracts readers.

How Lucky

how lucky goodbye quotes

If you’re looking for the best goodbye quotes that emphasize how difficult it is to say goodbye to your loved ones, you’ll be excited with this beautiful and amazing quote.

Life Starts With Goodbye

life goodbye quotes

In life, there comes a time when the end of something ushers in a new and more exciting phase. This is a nice and memorable quote which can be used in different contexts.

Goodbye Keep in Touch


If you’re looking for an exciting and funny quote that will get rid of the sadness associated with saying goodbye, this quote is a nice choice that will uplift your spirit.

I Started Missing You

painful-goodbyes quotes

If you’re looking for a beautiful goodbye quote which has an exceptionally beautiful background, this amazing quote will definitely make you excited.

Time to Say Goodbye

Goodbye- quotes

Nobody likes to say goodbye. However, this amazing and beautiful goodbye image and quote is a good choice.


goodbye quote

If you’re looking for a nice and interesting way to say goodbye, try this cool goodbye image and quote.

This Might be Painful

painful goodbye

Goodbyes will certainly be better and encouraging if you find a nice quote that you can use. This goodbye quote is inspiring and reassuring.

Goodbye Poem

romantic goodbye quotes

Goodbyes can be life-changing and transformational when you read this amazing and lovely message that is ideal when you’re saying goodbye to someone who you love.

I Wish the Time Stops By

beautiful goodbye quote

This is a beautiful goodbye quote that has a strong message of affection as well as hope for better times ahead.

How Lucky I Am

nice romantic goodbye quote

If you are looking for a nice romantic goodbye quote for a special person, this quote will be good for you. There are numerous other cool quotes such as this that you can make use of.

Your Favorite Hallo


This is a cool goodbye quote that is short and straight to the point. It’s a perfect quote if you’re looking for something simple and nice.

Goodbye Are Never for So Long

goodbye poem

Saying goodbye doesn’t have to bring sorrow because this message emphasizes the positive side of saying goodbye and wishes someone all the best. It’s a really nice quote you can use.

Goodbye Wishes

awesome goodbye quotes

This is an incredible goodbye quote which has an elaborate message of goodwill. If you’re interested in a cool goodbye quote, this quote is a nice pick.

Don’t Be Sad

farewell poems

You don’t have to despair because you’re saying goodbye. This amazing goodbye quote is a demonstration of how goodbyes can pave way for beautiful memories.

Tearful Goodbye


It’s common for people to break down when time comes to say goodbye. This goodbye message summarizes the emotions that are accompanied with saying goodbye.


good GoodBye quote

There are numerous goodbye quotes that can be classified as romantic such as this one which has an apologetic tone as well.

72 Words

poetic goodbye quote

This goodbye quote is highly creative and poetic taking into account how words have been used in a unique way to try and deliver the message. If you appreciate poetic quotes, this one will work well for you.

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