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A Collection of 30 Popular HD Wallpapers

If you are looking for a unique way to make your backgrounds stand out, try using HD wallpapers. These wallpapers are cool taking into account the sophistication, elegance and charm associated with HD wallpapers. These HD wallpapers can be used for desktop, Mac, Windows, Android among others. The cool thing about HD wallpapers is you can never run out of options because they come in different vast categories. Popular categories with HD wallpapers include nature, landscapes, travel, cars, animals, love, space, music, sports, underwater, weddings among others.

The list for HD wallpapers is endless. However, we have decided to pick for you a collection of 30 top HD wallpapers for your use. Feel free to sample them and pick those that excite you.

Great Wall of China

amazing HD wallpaper

If you love travelling to beautiful top world travel destinations such as Wall of China, this HD wallpaper will get you closer to the real destination. This is an amazing HD wallpaper that shows a beautiful sunrise overlooking this exotic location with breathtaking scenery.

Coal Harbor Marina, Vancouver

beautiful city HD wallpaper

No doubt, this beautiful HD wallpaper of Vancouver City taken at night is eye-catching and captivating. Using it will instantly transform your screen with its crystal clear blue reflection of the sky that adds a touch of elegance.

Beautiful Sights

scenery HD Wallpapers

When you look at this beautiful HD wallpaper, you will instantly fall in love with the breathtaking scenery that shows how beautifully the hills and the waters blend together to create a perfect and enchanting picturesque.

Nampu Bridge, Shanghai

infrastructure HD backgrounds

If you get fascinated with eye catching infrastructure HD backgrounds, then you need to check out this beautiful HD wallpaper of Nampu Bridge in Shanghai, China. As you can see all the HD features are clearly visible giving the image a crisp clear look.

Hawaii Beach

Hawaii Beach HD Wallpaper

Everyone knows the beach for its beautiful landscape and scenery. This beach in Hawaii no doubt exemplifies the incredible magic and beauty associated with Hawaii beaches. It’s definitely a cool and nice looking HD wallpaper.

Nature Wallpaper

HD nature wallpapers

Nature is the most beautiful form of natural existence. This HD wallpaper clearly captures the charm and allure associated with the wonders of natural landscapes. If you’re a nature lover, this is a good pick for you.

Beautiful Landscape

beautiful landscape HD wallpaper

HD wallpapers have a unique and charming way of magnifying the beauty associated with landscapes and scenery. This HD wallpaper is a nice example of how photography accentuates the beauty of nature.

Eiffel Tower

paris eiffel tower HD wallpaper

Eiffel Tower is one the world’s most celebrated tourists spots because of its unique design and towering height. Fortunately, if you’re looking for a HD wallpaper for Eiffel tower, this is a nice pick.

The Woods

The woods HD wallpaper

This amazing HD wallpaper clearly brings out the beauty of this scenery while maintaining the natural feel. As a high resolution image, feel free to utilize this cool HD wallpaper for your PC, laptop, tablet as well as smartphone.


awesome HD wallpaper

If you’re looking for creative and eye catching HD wallpapers that will capture everyone’s attention, choose this beautiful HD background characterized with lovely flowers beautifully arranged on either side of the path.

Blue Water Mountain View


This gorgeous HD wallpaper emphasizes beauty in the best way possible. Beginning from the foreground to the background with beautiful hills, this HD wallpaper is designed for users who’d love to have something beyond ordinary.


bridge HD wallpaper

This cool HD wallpaper is an example of perfection at its very best. If you’re looking for a unique HD wallpaper that you will not find with many people, this bridge HD wallpaper should top your list of selection.

3D Space Wallpaper

space HD wallpaper

If you’re fascinated by what happens in the world beyond, this incredible HD wallpaper will complement your desktop’s background in a unique and enchanting way. This cool HD wallpaper is 3D enabled.

Planet Wallpapers

planet HD wallpaper

The science of planets is a topic that is filled with a lot of mystery. If you love anything that revolves around planets, you’ll find this cool planet HD wallpaper a good choice for your desktop background or social media profiles.

Funny HD Wallpaper

funny HD Wallpaper

If you want something interesting and light-hearted, this funny and cool HD wallpaper will bring in a humorous twist and set you apart from the rest.

Funny Cartoon HD Wallpaper

funny cartoon HD wallpaper

When choosing HD wallpapers, feel free to choose creative and unique wallpapers that will add value to your backgrounds and make you appear unique. This cartoon HD wallpaper is a favorite choice for cartoon wallpapers.

Fire and Water

cool HD wallpaper

The choice of good HD wallpapers begins with how creative you are. This funny HD wallpaper has a comical and satirical twist. If you love cool wallpapers, check out this fire and water interesting wallpaper.

Banana Stalker

hilarious HD wallpaper

This funny HD wallpapers will leave you in tears because of the interesting images of fruits included in this pic. Make everyone laugh by choosing this amazing and funny HD wallpaper.

Funny HD Wallpaper

funny HD wallpaper

This cool HD wallpaper will instantly transform your background into something nice and unique. Don’t hesitate to choose this HD wallpaper if you’re looking for something light-hearted.

Ferrari Sports Car

beautiful HD wallpaper

Ferrari cars are known for their exquisite design and unmatched elegance. If you love automobiles, you will definitely love this beautiful HD wallpaper for your backgrounds.

Exotic Cars

exotic HD wallpaper

If you are looking for a cool HD automotive wallpaper, this amazing wallpaper is the perfect choice for you. The image is simply stunning and captivating.

Animal Background

Animal HD wallpaper

If you fancy animals and would love to have a nice looking HD wallpaper, don’t hesitate to try out this amazing animal wallpaper, you’ll be excited with the results.

Cool Animal Background

cute HD wallpaper

Animal backgrounds are known to be a favorite for many people looking for nice HD wallpapers. This HD wallpaper is will instantly bring life to your backgrounds.


awesome HD wallpaper

This HD wallpaper will not disappoint you especially if you love birds and wish to have a nice wallpaper that embraces creativity and elegance.

Love HD Wallpaper

love HD wallpaper

Love is no doubt a beautiful and memorable experience which we tend to hold dear to our hearts. Choosing this highly creative and attractive wallpaper will definitely put you in a love mood.


vintage HD wallpaper

There is nothing as good as going back to the previous days to find creative and attractive HD wallpapers. This vintage wallpaper has all the features and appearance that will boost your background.

Vintage Maps

cool vintage HD wallpaper

Even though vintage maps were commonly used in past centuries, the beauty, charm and allure associated with them still remains alive. This vintage map HD wallpaper is extremely beautiful and ideal for all vintage lovers.

Music Wallpaper

music HD wallpaper

Music wallpapers are amongst the most popular HD wallpapers because of the extensive creativity that goes into making these wallpapers. You will definitely love this cool HD wallpaper.


holiday HD wallpaper

Holidays are a special time of the year when everyone looks forward to having plenty of fun and spending time with their family and friends. This holiday HD wallpaper is the right choice for you especially during the holiday season.

Food HD Wallpaper

food HD wallpaper

This awesome and beautiful HD wallpaper is a perfect demonstration of how sweet food looks like. This cool HD wallpaper is elegant and eye-catching thus giving you an opportunity to showcase your creativity.

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