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40+ Heart Touching Sad Wallpapers

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Heart Touching Wallpapers

We All have gone through some part of sadness in our life. Sadness is just another emotion we deal with every day. Rather we’ve lost a loved one, we go through the end of a relationship, or we deal with some type of letdown, we’ve all been there and had to deal with the sadness life delivered to us.

They say a photo is worth a thousand words, well these wallpapers defiantly are. Art has a way of pulling us in and taking us to a place within ourselves that we sometimes have forgotten. Certain photos can take us to that place that with holds memories filled with emotion. We use these photos all the time on social media to convey a point and to reach other people in a way that words alone never could. All these wallpapers do that. These are the sadness wallpapers.

No soul that is alive today can claim that they have never ever been sad since their arrival to this world. Happiness and sadness are like two sides of the same coin. The coin of life. Have you ever noticed that upon their birth children cry while their parents are busy in celebrating the same birth? There are times in your life where you go crazy with the amount of happiness filled in your heart. Then there are those moments where the same heart is filled with sorrows and griefs, you do not know what to do.

It is quite natural that we always plan for happiness in our lives. We are never ready for the sad times ahead of us. That is probably the reason why we lose control over ourselves during tragic moments. Yes one should always hope for the best but deep down in your heart you must also be prepared to face the other aspect of life. You must always stay strong from inside as life does not end with a happy or a sad moment. In fact these moments only adds to the book of life. Consider happiness to be a dream and sadness to be a nightmare, they both will vanish as you open your eyes.

There are many reasons as to why one feels sad in life. Someone from your loved ones, family or friends may have died, You may have had a breakup with your lover and you are not the kind of a person who easily moves on, you might be sad upon losing something important or due to some failure or perhaps some sort of misunderstanding with people. These are just a few reasons for you to be sad there can be many other major or minor things which can take you to the world of sorrows.

I want to share some of the most heart touching sad wallpapers via this article. If you are sad and looking for some sad wallpapers do visit this post. Download these sad wallpapers and see how one feels when they are going through sufferings in life.


This photo shows the frustration of the boy on the bench. How sadness opens the door to the frustration and more questions on what led you to this point and how to move on from this point.

EYES OF SADNESSEyes of Sadness

This wallpaper is striking and cuts right through to the sadness. It shows the sadness in the bold blue eyes. It’s pure and truly sad especially with the redness in the eyes as if she was just done crying.

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