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25+ Creative Senior Picture Ideas

Everyone enjoys photography, whether you are standing in front of the camera or behind it. You have to make a lot of silly poses and have to surrender constantly to the demands of the photographer if you are the one facing the camera. If you are the person behind that lens, You get to see a lot of emotions, facial expressions and learn about different body languages as a photographer. It is a tricky thing which requires you to be highly skilled and creative. You cannot step into a photographers shoe just like that. All that posing, expressions, smiles and moments that seem really pretty in pictures is an outcome of real effort by the person behind that lens.

When it comes to taking pictures, for most of the photographers senior picture ideas is a serious business. You need to realize which poses you are completely wasting your clicks on and the client is actually wasting time and money on. It is not mandatory that if some pose goes well with one client it is bound to go well with another, unless you are lucky of course. Uniqueness requires creativity but it doesn’t mean that your thoughts run from one extreme to another with a bunch of clients. That can cause an awful mess. All a client wants from a photographer is a clear direction. To give your client that direction you need to be sure of yourself first. Pictures are not just about positioning the body in a particular way , what you really want to capture is the attitude along with the right amount of facial expressions.

I have collected some of the most creative of works from different photographers related to the senior picture ideas. If you are a senior and looking for the right pose, try one of these awesome senior picture ideas, they will provide you with a better understanding as to what you are looking for. If you are a newbie in the filed of photography these senior picture ideas are likely to inspire you. Try them!

Alice’s Senior Picture

senior picture

Creative Senior Picture Ideas

creative senior picture ideas

Kansas City Portrait Photographer Senior Picture Ideas

senior picture ideas

Outdoor Senior Pic Ideas

Outdoor Senior Pic Ideas

Pretty Girl With Corvare Car For Senior Pictures

Pretty Girl With Corvare Car For Senior Pictures

Senior Picture

senior picture 1

Unique Senior Picture

senior picture

Senior Picture By Clwils96

senior picture by clwils96

Senior Pictures By Shelbysnowstorm

senior pictures by shelbysnowstorm

Senior Pictures Laying In The Petals

senior pictures laying in the petals

The Artist

senior pictures the artist

Senior Portrait Ideas

senior portrait ideas

Senior Picture Idea

senior picture idea

Elegant Senior Picture Ideas

elegant senior picture ideas

Best Senior Picture Ideas

Senior Picture Ideas

Sylish tSenior Pictures By Studio K Photography

Senior Pictures By Studio K Photography

Beautiful Senior Picture Ideas

Beautiful Senior Picture Ideas


Senior Picture Ideas For Couple


senior picture ideas for couple

 Guys Senior Picture Ideas

 guys senior picture ideas

Cool Senior Picture Ideas For Guys

Cool Senior Picture Ideas For Guys

Daylight Sports Look

Senior picture ideas guys sports daylight

Senior Portrait Ideas Eric Von

senior portrait ideas eric von

Senior Portrait Ideas

Senior Portrait Ideas

Senior Portrait Ideas Kansas City

senior portrait ideas kansas city

Senior Pose Ideas

senior pose ideas

Unique Senior Picture

Unique Senior Picture

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